Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Motorola Moto x Coming out in few days

Motorola Moto x Coming out in few days

Motorola Moto x Coming out in few days

New phones coming out by Motorola : Motorola Moto X

No more leaks , No more rumors , Here's the new coming phone Motorola Moto X , we're just four days away from witnessing the completely new Moto X , If you're Motorola Fan then you're about to Satisfy your passion to Motorola devices , So be ready to be the first one who get this device on Aug 24th .

Lets take a quick look on how this cell phone looks like :-

The cell phone expected to come in medium potential , as it will not be able to compete with the new phone coming out Sony honami or Galaxy Note 3 , but for sure Motorola still got new and unique touch in any device , so for specifications , Motorola Moto X comes in 8x Core processor , with random storage space 2 GB , internal memory 16 GB , and external memory up to 100 GB , with Amoled 4.7 Inch screen , RGB Matrix , 1280 × 720p Res . 

But for the camera it's coming with 10 Megapixels , LED Flash , 1080p 30FPS , Front camera just 2 megapixels , the new Moto x coming with Android 4.2.2 , but you're free to change the default background , and you can choose the basic ringtones and applications you want inside your device , support Bluetooth 4.0 , Support Bi-Wave Wi-Fi , For sure supports 4G Networks .

What is the best thing about Motorola Moto X ?


When you are going to buy Motorola Moto X , You're about to buy your very own cell phone , Motorola allow you to choose your device design , yes you can choose your own design , whether you want it light or heavy by changing the cover from plastic to ceramic , Fabrics , wood , and last but not least you can print your name on your phone back part , or your email , any quote .

 The phone will come out in the market on 25-8-2013 it should go out one day earlier in Canada , the expected price will be in a range between 190$ to 220$ , in the end we hope you enjoy this cell phone , don't forget to share your opinion , questions , expectations down there .